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The Brazil from the outside:

The qualities that the Brazilian does not see.

It is true that we can not sit back and think in Brazil we swimmingly, in fact, there is much to improve.

This feeling of dissatisfaction with our reality is to some positive because it does not allow us to fall into obscurity, on accommodation, moves us to continue wanting an even better country, fairer, with a more politicized people, most critical, eliminating away from us, all the problems that concern us and make us angry.

However, you can not continue believing in a better country, if we do not improve our achievements, we are often very cruel to ourselves, we can not see the achievements that our own struggles, the cost of sweat and blood have provided us.

Too often we read what our intellectuals write about a Brazil full of defects, with almost nothing to praise. We ourselves, as academics, we spent almost all the time, bringing up our weaknesses, without taking into account the many things that we have good, as a people, as an organized society.

Often thought, okay, we still have a long way to go, but what outsiders think of us like them foreigners, we both praise and put on the pedestal, think of our nation, of our behavior, our achievements?

So, today I received an email that made me excited, who sent me was Gil Menezes, is the text of a Dutch writer, about what she thinks of this diverse, vibrant country, so different from so many other nations, situated in America South, called Brazil. Following text:

"Brazilians think the whole world pays, except Brazil, it really looks like is an addiction badmouth Brazil. Every place has its positives and negatives, but abroad they maximize the positive, while in Brazil to maximize the negative. here in the Netherlands, the elections take horrors because there is nothing automated. there is only one telephone company and amazingly !: If you call complaining about the service, you run the risk of having your phone disconnected temporarily.

In the United States and Europe, no one has the habit of wrapping the sandwich in a napkin - or washing your hands before eating. Bakeries, markets and European butcher shops, attendants receive money and same dirty hand deliver bread or meat.

In London, there is a very famous place that sells chips wrapped in newspaper - and has queue at the door.

In Europe, non-smokers are a minority. If you ask for non-smoking table, the waiter laughed in your face, because there is not. To smoke in the elevator.

In Paris, the waiters are known for their moodiness and rudeness and any tavern waiter in Brazil could go there to teach the 'How to Win the Customer'.

You know how big powers to destroy a people? Impose their beliefs and culture. If you stop to look in every film US national flag appears, and usually by the time we are emotional.

Do you have a language which, although not look like almost anything with the Portuguese language is Portuguese call, while software companies call it Brazilian Portuguese, because they can not communicate with its Brazilian users through the Portuguese language .

Brazilians are victims of various crimes against the homeland, belief, culture, language, etc ... The more educated Brazilians know that we have many reasons to rescue their cultural roots.

The data are from Anthropos Consulting:

1. Brazil is the country that has had more success in the fight against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and has been world example.

2. Brazil is the only country in the southern hemisphere that is participating in the Genome Project.

3. In a survey of 50 cities in several countries, the city of Rio de Janeiro was considered the most supportive.

4. In the 2000 elections, the Regional Electoral Court system (TRE) was computerized in all regions of Brazil, with results in less than 24 hours after the start of the findings. The model caught the attention of one of the world powers: the United States, where the count had to be redone several times, delaying the result and jeopardizing the credibility of the process.

5. Even as a developing country, the Brazilian Internet users represent a share of 40% of the market in Latin America.

6. In Brazil, there are 14 installed vehicle factories and other 4 being installed, while some neighboring countries do not have any.

7. Of the children and adolescents aged 7-14 years old, 97.3% are studying.

8. The mobile phone market in Brazil is the second in the world with 650,000 new skills every month.

9. In fixed telephony, the country ranks fifth in number of installed lines.

10. Of the Brazilian companies, 6,890 are ISO-9000 quality certificate, the greater number of developing countries. In Mexico, they are just 300 companies and 265 in Argentina.

11. Brazil is the 1st largest market for executive jets and helicopters in the world.

Why do you have this addiction only speak ill of Brazil?

1. Why not take pride in saying that the publishing of books is greater than that of Italy, with over 50,000 new titles each year?

2. Having the most modern banking system on the planet?

3. That their advertising agencies win the best and largest global prizes?

4. Why not say that are the country's most entrepreneurial in the world and that more than 70% of Brazilians, rich and poor, devote considerable part of their time in volunteer work?

5. That despite all the problems, Congress is punishing its own members, which rarely occurs in other so-called civilized countries?

6 . Why do not remember that the Brazilian people are a hospitable people, striving to speak the language of tourists, gesturing and strives to serve them well?

Why not take pride in being a people that makes fun of his own misfortune and facing the heartbreaks samba ..

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